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For companies, we offer complete management of its workforce, payroll, negotiating agreements, layoffs, prevention plans, recruitment, redundancy, etc.

For workers offer comprehensive advice on labor issues. Entrepreneurs seek to benefit from all the advantages offered by the law, mainly attempt an objective dismissal to pay compensation of 20 days instead of 45. The employees claim that the dismissals are unfair and so the company is forced to reach a agreement and negotiate compensation, usually 33 days’ salary per year, or go to court and pay 45 days if unfair dismissal is declared.
Common causes for dismissal claim a goal are: the inability of the worker, lack of adaptation to technical changes in the workplace, absences which reaches 20% of the working days in two consecutive months, or 25% four discontinuous months within a one year period and, where there objectively acknowledged need jobs less than under the collective dismissal or redundancy for economic or productive, technical, organizational number. The latter is the most claimed by employers in such layoffs cause.
The dismissal is qualified as inadmissible when: – It is not proven guilty alleged breach of contract by the employer in the letter of dismissal.
The employee may claim within the following 20 working days from the date on which it is produced, with the time-limit for all purposes.
In Pedralbes we will ensure the rights lawyers. Right to have access to a skilled, better paid within the same company. The right to adequate health care, training in prevention, control and monitoring of the health of workers / as and especially attention to the risks to the pregnant woman greets or gave birth forcing the employer to take action on adapting the workplace if necessary.
If you have violated any of your rights in your company, contact Abogados Pedralbes Barcelona.