Servicio Marítimo y del medio ambiente


– Maritime: Spain Recently renovated in the Law of Shipping, until recently governed by Book III of the Commercial Code of 1885 (supplemented with special rules).
The main objective of this Act is to bring the national maritime law to international agreements and European regulations, so that provides legal certainty.
That is why this law, in many cases, it refers to the content of these international texts, avoiding transposition and reserving the right to extend content in terms of the spaces left to States.
It also aims to try to reflect the current reality in practice on maritime transport taking into account the economic consequences due to the modifications.
Also, try to improve the protection of underwater heritage and the fight against illegal immigration and pollution, regulation of the use of the vessel contracts and conditions of the shipbuilding contract, plus new regulations on the sale of ships.
– Environment: We take care to defend their rights in cases of pollution, forestry, everything related to hunting and fishing, hunting species, management of reserves, sanctions, etc.
Some of the services we can offer are:

  • Resources fines
  • Defense crimes wildlife
  • Processing or mediation compensation Craft
  • Defense in cases of accidents, collisions, rescues, maritime transport, etc.

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