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Commercial Law

In Abogados Pedralbes will find the best lawyers in the country and Commercial Advisors. Lawyers Spain Barcelona and other experts in commercial law and everything related to your business:

– We take care of the formation of companies SL, SA, SLP, cooperatives, UTE We constitute subsidiaries and branches of foreign companies in Spain and Spanish companies abroad under any corporate form. For cases in which it urgently needs society provide our customers with a list of companies for sale ready to start working within 24 hours.

– We may take the accounting and management of its employees (payroll, recruitment, prevention plans, compliance of the Data Protection Act, etc.) at very affordable prices, we advise on the most appropriate tax for your company, negotiate, claim and refinanced debts with Social Security, the tax office, suppliers, customers, etc. for you.

Abogados Pedralbes Barcelona will always have a lawyer expert advice for start of activity, finding investors to start up, business angels, financing rounds, patents and trademarks, taxation, statutes, membership agreements, contracts, etc.

– Sale of Companies and Enterprises: Lawyers specialists in Barcelona for sale, assets by liabilities, takeovers, mergers and divisions, Equity …

– We provide experts in international trade law, contract specialists, imports, exports, incoterms, Intrastat, orders, customs, mediation, marketing and distribution methods.
– Bankruptcy: Trust Abogados Pedralbes Barcelona if bankruptcy or bankruptcy. Insolvency is the aim of the competition budget and may be actual or imminent. The current insolvency is one in which the debtor can not meet its obligations required regularly is. By contrast, in a situation of imminent insolvency stipulating that the debtor can not fulfill its obligations regularly and on time.
The main purpose of bankruptcy is «the satisfaction of creditors», which is of great interest to suppliers, employees, financial institutions, etc. They seek alternatives for the survival of the company whenever possible.
The contest is guilty when the debtor has negligently caused the insolvency or without cause it, has worsened. The rating does not bind the judges and courts of criminal jurisdiction which, if any, understanding of actions of the debtor that may constitute a crime.
The employer could end up being responsible for the debts of the company with all its present and future assets.
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