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Financial Operations

At some point in their lives, every person and every company uses some type of financial instrument from a simple loan that does not necessarily always come from a bank or financial institution but often from a friend, relative or outside lender; in other cases, more complex financial instruments as a deferred purchase a mortgage, an option to purchase, purchase agreement or letter retro grace annuity reverse mortgage, bills, deferred payments to suppliers, claims for payment, foreclosures, auctions RAI, ASNEF, swaps, multicurrency mortgages, deferred to the Treasury or Social Security payments ….
In some cases there may be unfair terms and usurious interest that often reach 300%, plus brokers fees as high as 50% of the intermediated operation. These are the figures used especially in some forms of mortgage refinancing and, more specifically, in so-called private equity ‘high risk’. Namely, those in which families have to go to private capital lenders ‘alleged financial advisers’ to get the money that allows them quick cash or unify all its loans.
Individuals and companies have denounced these events and the proliferation of them in our country. Lawyers in Barcelona Pedralbes spent many cases like this:
«Caught by the bank: Denounce the seizure and auction of a property for a debt with a lender. The world hit them when, six months after requesting a loan to some lenders who met for an ad in the newspaper, received a letter informing them of the seizure and sale of your home. »
Do not lose your home! In Pedralbes Attorneys find Lawyers Barcelona and all experts Spain to negotiate and settle all kinds of debts, RAI, ASNEF, expert lawyers in outstanding claims, attorney loans, arrears, late mortgage, private equity loans, foreclosure attorney liens, auction, eviction attorney, launch and everything that affects its properties and its economy. Call us and tell us about your case.

– Medical Malpractice and claims against insurers:

Whenever you suffer physical or psychological harm, either by accident, assault or negligence, you are entitled to claim compensation for the damages suffered. The amount of compensation shall be fixed in accordance with rules and criteria established by the law, depending on whether it has caused the victim:

  • Death
  • Permanent injury (sequels)
  • Temporary disability (days off).

The amounts resulting from the application of the scale are moderated according to the situation of each individual (eg, not compensated in the same way the death of a child of a parent, the scar on a model that a carpenter, etc.). Your Lawyer in Barcelona Pedralbes lawyers will advise and defend if sued both as plaintiff.