– Maritime: Spain Recently renovated in the Law of Shipping, until recently governed by Book III of the Commercial Code of 1885 (supplemented with special rules).
The main objective of this Act is to bring the national maritime law to international agreements and European regulations, so that provides legal certainty.
That is why this law, in many cases, it refers to the content of these international texts, avoiding transposition and reserving the right to extend content in terms of the spaces left to States.
It also aims to try to reflect the current reality in practice on maritime transport taking into account the economic consequences due to the modifications.
Also, try to improve the protection of underwater heritage and the fight against illegal immigration and pollution, regulation of the use of the vessel contracts and conditions of the shipbuilding contract, plus new regulations on the sale of ships.
– Environment: We take care to defend their rights in cases of pollution, forestry, everything related to hunting and fishing, hunting species, management of reserves, sanctions, etc.
Some of the services we can offer are:

  • Resources fines
  • Defense crimes wildlife
  • Processing or mediation compensation Craft
  • Defense in cases of accidents, collisions, rescues, maritime transport, etc.

If you need advice please contact us, we have the best experts in maritime law and environmental law Barcelona.

For companies, we offer complete management of its workforce, payroll, negotiating agreements, layoffs, prevention plans, recruitment, redundancy, etc.

For workers offer comprehensive advice on labor issues. Entrepreneurs seek to benefit from all the advantages offered by the law, mainly attempt an objective dismissal to pay compensation of 20 days instead of 45. The employees claim that the dismissals are unfair and so the company is forced to reach a agreement and negotiate compensation, usually 33 days’ salary per year, or go to court and pay 45 days if unfair dismissal is declared.
Common causes for dismissal claim a goal are: the inability of the worker, lack of adaptation to technical changes in the workplace, absences which reaches 20% of the working days in two consecutive months, or 25% four discontinuous months within a one year period and, where there objectively acknowledged need jobs less than under the collective dismissal or redundancy for economic or productive, technical, organizational number. The latter is the most claimed by employers in such layoffs cause.
The dismissal is qualified as inadmissible when: – It is not proven guilty alleged breach of contract by the employer in the letter of dismissal.
The employee may claim within the following 20 working days from the date on which it is produced, with the time-limit for all purposes.
In Pedralbes we will ensure the rights lawyers. Right to have access to a skilled, better paid within the same company. The right to adequate health care, training in prevention, control and monitoring of the health of workers / as and especially attention to the risks to the pregnant woman greets or gave birth forcing the employer to take action on adapting the workplace if necessary.
If you have violated any of your rights in your company, contact Abogados Pedralbes Barcelona.

abogado tecnológico



We offer you counsel and defense in everything related with new technologies. We are Lawyers Barcelona experts in:

  • Investors searching for start-ups, purchase or sale of companies and patents.
  • Software hiring.
  • Complying with all the regulations of the Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data.
  • Protection of Intellectual and Industrial property.
  • Licence contracts and technological exploitation.
  • Distribution contracts, technology transfer, industrial secrets, patent or trademark licences.
  • Hardware contracts.
  • Housing and hosting contracts.
  • Complying with all the regulations of e-commerce services and information society. Electronic Signature.
  • Broadcast contents through electronic channels responsibility. Implementation of regulated activities through electronic channels. (Financial services, travel agencies, payment gateway)
  • Legal warning drafting.
  • Legal advice in relation to commercial business through electronic channels ( web pages, cell phones, electronic communications, payment gateways)
  • Regulatory aspects (publicity, marketing activities, consumers, Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data, protection of competition)
  • Procedures with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office.
  • Outsourcing.
  • Domain names.
  • Intellectual creations protection, Software and databases.
  • On-line commercialization.
  • Audiovisual works.
  • Musical work, sounds.
  • Graphical work, on-line publicity.


Barcelona Matrimonial Lawyer / Divorce / separation: Records of marriage, divorce agreements, parenting plan, compensation for work, alimony, spousal support, minor procedure, paternity, filiation, custody, adoptions, etc.
Barcelona lawyer Inheritance / Inheritance: Drafting wills and wills, disability, disagreements between heirs, etc. If a family member died recently you must go through the process of regularizing their status after death. Search will or intestacy, inheritance acceptance, cancellation of taxes, payment of legitimate undivided parts division among several heirs inherited properties, etc.
For more information visit our blog abogadosdivorciosbarcelona.blogspot.com.es

In Abogados Pedralbes will find the best lawyers in the country and Commercial Advisors. Lawyers Spain Barcelona and other experts in commercial law and everything related to your business:

– We take care of the formation of companies SL, SA, SLP, cooperatives, UTE We constitute subsidiaries and branches of foreign companies in Spain and Spanish companies abroad under any corporate form. For cases in which it urgently needs society provide our customers with a list of companies for sale ready to start working within 24 hours.

– We may take the accounting and management of its employees (payroll, recruitment, prevention plans, compliance of the Data Protection Act, etc.) at very affordable prices, we advise on the most appropriate tax for your company, negotiate, claim and refinanced debts with Social Security, the tax office, suppliers, customers, etc. for you.

Abogados Pedralbes Barcelona will always have a lawyer expert advice for start of activity, finding investors to start up, business angels, financing rounds, patents and trademarks, taxation, statutes, membership agreements, contracts, etc.

– Sale of Companies and Enterprises: Lawyers specialists in Barcelona for sale, assets by liabilities, takeovers, mergers and divisions, Equity …

– We provide experts in international trade law, contract specialists, imports, exports, incoterms, Intrastat, orders, customs, mediation, marketing and distribution methods.
– Bankruptcy: Trust Abogados Pedralbes Barcelona if bankruptcy or bankruptcy. Insolvency is the aim of the competition budget and may be actual or imminent. The current insolvency is one in which the debtor can not meet its obligations required regularly is. By contrast, in a situation of imminent insolvency stipulating that the debtor can not fulfill its obligations regularly and on time.
The main purpose of bankruptcy is «the satisfaction of creditors», which is of great interest to suppliers, employees, financial institutions, etc. They seek alternatives for the survival of the company whenever possible.
The contest is guilty when the debtor has negligently caused the insolvency or without cause it, has worsened. The rating does not bind the judges and courts of criminal jurisdiction which, if any, understanding of actions of the debtor that may constitute a crime.
The employer could end up being responsible for the debts of the company with all its present and future assets.
Contact us and tell us how we can help

If you had some incident because of an error or a malfunction of the public administration, please contact us.

Traditionally, the public administration has been considered a subfunction of the government in charge of the proper functioning of the public services, responsible for maintain order and take care of the population in different aspects (economic, educational, welfare,etc.).

The pecuniary responsibility of the State consists of the acknowledgement of the payment of a compensation for damages because of the normal or abnormal functioning of the government’s services. On the basis of verified facts, if the damages are duly accredited, and at the request of the person concerned, the government will pay it.

Your lawyer in Barcelona can help you to achieve compensations of the government due to accidents, judicial errors, undue delay when carrying out procedures like asking for a license, wrongful preventive detention, etc.

Abogados Pedralbes Barcelona are the best lawyers and other specialists Spain win criminal cases. Whether economic and financial crime, fraud, embezzlement, false accounting, capital whitening, tax evasion, theft, robbery, proxies, etc.
Offences Against the Person: aggression, murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, rape, domestic violence, crimes against the image and honor, libel, slander, coercion, threats, etc.
Or crimes against road safety or public health: drug trafficking, possession, driving under the influence of alcohol or other narcotics, traffic accidents, crimes against road safety, reckless homicide, etc.
Abogados Pedralbes Barcelonafind the best lawyer for your particular situation. Your lawyer will advise and defend to achieve the best result for you whether you are sued as a prosecutor.

We count on a specialized team, with experience in tax advice, both nationally and internationally. We guarantee effective results.

Our lawyers experts in tax law will advice you on the next subjects, either you are individual or company:

  • Business restructuring and acquisition.
  • Capital planning and management.
  • Tax inspection.
  • Economic-administrative complaint before the court.
  • Postponement of debts.
  • Advice on general taxes (VAT, rewards…).
  • Court case and defence before the court.

We offer both one-time as well as long-term advice. The best lawyers in Barcelona, experts in tax law.

Financial Operations

At some point in their lives, every person and every company uses some type of financial instrument from a simple loan that does not necessarily always come from a bank or financial institution but often from a friend, relative or outside lender; in other cases, more complex financial instruments as a deferred purchase a mortgage, an option to purchase, purchase agreement or letter retro grace annuity reverse mortgage, bills, deferred payments to suppliers, claims for payment, foreclosures, auctions RAI, ASNEF, swaps, multicurrency mortgages, deferred to the Treasury or Social Security payments ….
In some cases there may be unfair terms and usurious interest that often reach 300%, plus brokers fees as high as 50% of the intermediated operation. These are the figures used especially in some forms of mortgage refinancing and, more specifically, in so-called private equity ‘high risk’. Namely, those in which families have to go to private capital lenders ‘alleged financial advisers’ to get the money that allows them quick cash or unify all its loans.
Individuals and companies have denounced these events and the proliferation of them in our country. Lawyers in Barcelona Pedralbes spent many cases like this:
«Caught by the bank: Denounce the seizure and auction of a property for a debt with a lender. The world hit them when, six months after requesting a loan to some lenders who met for an ad in the newspaper, received a letter informing them of the seizure and sale of your home. »
Do not lose your home! In Pedralbes Attorneys find Lawyers Barcelona and all experts Spain to negotiate and settle all kinds of debts, RAI, ASNEF, expert lawyers in outstanding claims, attorney loans, arrears, late mortgage, private equity loans, foreclosure attorney liens, auction, eviction attorney, launch and everything that affects its properties and its economy. Call us and tell us about your case.

– Medical Malpractice and claims against insurers:

Whenever you suffer physical or psychological harm, either by accident, assault or negligence, you are entitled to claim compensation for the damages suffered. The amount of compensation shall be fixed in accordance with rules and criteria established by the law, depending on whether it has caused the victim:

  • Death
  • Permanent injury (sequels)
  • Temporary disability (days off).

The amounts resulting from the application of the scale are moderated according to the situation of each individual (eg, not compensated in the same way the death of a child of a parent, the scar on a model that a carpenter, etc.). Your Lawyer in Barcelona Pedralbes lawyers will advise and defend if sued both as plaintiff.

Abogados Barcelona expertos en derecho medioambiental


Los delitos contra el medio ambiente deben ser tratados por abogados con una formación específica


– Marítimo: Cualquier empresa o persona física debe respetar las leyes y normas para la conservación del medio.
La Ley de Navegación Marítima, hasta hace poco se regía por el Libro III del Código de Comercio de 1885 (complementado con normas especiales).


El principal objetivo de esta Ley es el de adecuar el Derecho marítimo nacional a los Convenios internacionales y normativa europea, de modo que aporte seguridad jurídica.


Es por ello que en esta ley, en muchos de los casos, se remite al contenido de estos textos internacionales, evitando la transposición y reservándose el derecho a ampliar de contenido en cuanto a los espacios que dejan a los Estados.


También tiene como objetivo el tratar de reflejar la realidad actual en la práctica en cuanto al transporte marítimo teniendo en cuenta las consecuencias económicas debido a las modificaciones introducidas.


Además, trata de mejorar la protección del patrimonio subacuático y la lucha contra la inmigración ilegal y la contaminación, la regulación de los contratos de utilización del buque y las condiciones del contrato de construcción naval, además de nuevas regulaciones en la compraventa de buques.


Medioambiente: El abogado medioambiental se encargará de defender sus derechos ante casos de contaminación, explotaciones forestales, todo lo relacionado con caza y pesca, reservas marinas, especies protegidas, especies cinegéticas, gestión de cotos, sanciones, etc.


Algunos de los servicios que podemos ofrecerle son:

  • Recursos de multas
  • Defensa en delitos contra la fauna y la flora
  • Tramitación o mediación en indemnizaciones sobre embarcaciones
  • Defensa en casos de accidentes, abordajes, rescates, transporte marítimo, etc.

Si necesita asesoramiento no dude en contactarnos, tenemos los mejores abogados Barcelona expertos en Derecho Marítimo y medioambiental.